Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Intriguing Presidential/VP Combos

Obama and Warren Buffett
Obama and Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google)
Obama and Jeffrey Immelt (CEO of GE)
McCain and Dianne Feinstein
Obama and Rahm Emanuel
Obama and Chuck Schumer
Obama and McCain
McCain and Obama
Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton
Obama and Bill Clinton
Obama and Hillary Clinton
Clinton and Obama
Obama and Bloomberg
Obama and David Gergen
Obama and Lou Dobbs
McCain and Christopher Hitchens
McCain and Newt Gingrich
Any candidate and me


Dave said...

Obama and Tony Blair?

Clinton and Tony Blair?

Anonymous said...

I have an objection to this list. All the pairs involve the current candidates.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about politics. I was asked recently why I don't like any of the current candidates. And I couldn't point to any particular policy or position that I didn't agree with. What I don't like about any of them is that they are all career politicians, first and only. If they had an honest bone in their bodies, they were removed a long time ago.

I do like the suggestions of the successful CEOs. I believe that one thing America needs is a person in power who knows how to manage people and money well, who knows how to negotiate well, and who knows when to promote policies that work and to cut those that don't. A successful and ethical CEO can do that consistently.

The first person I thought of that might make a good president, and laugh if you want, is Judge Judy. Her TV persona exudes that all-important element called common sense. What she says goes. She seems like the kind of person that would look at what needs to be done, pleasant or unpleasant, and start getting them done with no whining.

I know that's naive. She is a TV personality, after all. And I doubt there is a person like her in Washington, but whatever politician is closest to that personality is the person that should be running the country. We need a person that makes the best decisions for America (not for lobbyists) and takes full responsibility, not a person that is merely a puppet for a few people drunk with power.


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