Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amazing Resume Software

I just got a copy of the latest version (version 15) of ResumeMaker. ($29.95) In addition to being a superior tool for creating or revising your resume, it
  • helps you create cover letters
  • automatically posts your resume on 80 major job sites
  • blasts your resume to a zillion employers (Actually, very occasionally, you can get a job that way--and because the risk is so low, why not try--unless you need to keep your employer or others from knowing you're job searching.)
  • Prepares you for your interviews with a video tutorial in which you can record and listen to your practice answers.
Candidly, I have not yet had time to try this latest version out and am swamped, but I'd bet anything, it's well worth the $29.95.

If you've tried ResumeMaker, feel free to post your reviews as a comment here.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Thank you for posting this, but I don't think it will help people like me. My resume is as plain as the dashboard of a Trabant 601.

I think I'm better off playing 'Hide the Resume'...


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