Friday, April 18, 2008

Child's Play

I had coffee with two fellow career counselors. In the course of conversation, I said, "Let's each take one minute to tell each other the things we most enjoyed doing when we were children."

I said:
-- Looking out the window hoping it will continue snowing so school will be closed the next day.
-- Lying on the grass, watching the clouds move.
-- Practicing basketball by myself, learning to dribble as well with my right hand as with my left.

You know, although I haven't done those things in almost 50 years, I think I'd still enjoy doing them. Maybe I'll do them.

What did you most enjoy as a child? Would you like to do them again now?


Anonymous said...

-reading the encyclopedia. I had a child's set at 8 and a 20-year-old World Book set at 9.

-pretending I could control the wind.

-playing astronaut in this big orange-brown chair in the living room.

-spinning in circles.

-making crank calls to the phone operator.

-pretending to drive in an old car in my cousin's backyard.

-being a church usher. I felt like I had responsibility.

-riding my bike. I learned late (age 8), but once I did, I was never at home. I taught myself how to ride, too, and was really proud of that.

-catching salamanders and butterflies.

-walking around the block by myself, pretending I was grown up.

-climbing on all the things packed in my overstuffed garage, pretending I was climbing a mountain.

-crawling under the bed.

-making cakes with my grandmother.

-looking out my bedroom window, waiting for my mother to come home from work.

-the last day of school.

-the State Fair.

-eating McDonald's on the rare days my mother forgot to make my lunch. I was the most popular kid in class on those days.

-Christmas trees and lights.

-4th of July fireworks. Especially the cheap ones you get at a fireworks stand.

-saying 4-letter words when adults weren't around.

-singing along with the radio.

-pizza nights.

-Hot Wheels cars.

-Barbie dolls.

-imaginary friends.

-the days I had no homework, or could finish the homework before I got home.

-Paul Harvey's "The Rest Of The Story." Whenever my mother was driving us kids home listening to news radio, this is the one thing I paid attention to. I thought the stories were fantastic, but could never guess the subject before the end.

-jumping up and down on the bed and couch. I especially liked it if I could execute a flip.


-plain ol' make-believe.

Anonymous said...

I used to love art class when I was in elementary school, though I had no real talent for it. Recently I figured that the cheapest way to get some art in my bathroom was to paint it myself, and I spent 3 hours painting in complete concentration. It was wonderful- productive, relaxing and just fun.


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