Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A False Equivalency

The Palestinians have co-opted the media to score the Palestinian-Israeli dispute in terms of the number of people killed: 20 Palestinians killed, only 11 Israelis, so we're supposed to believe the Palestinians have been wronged.

That's the wrong metric. The right metric is merit. Israelis have done more for medical science (the highest per-capita # of medical patents in the world), for democracy, for women, not to mention providing a safe haven for the millions of Holocaust survivors.

Compare that with the Palestinians and their Arab and Muslim brethren, a much larger percentage of whom live as though it were the 14th century, repressing women, contributing little to science and technology, and condoning repressive, anti-democratic governments. Their main exports are oil and terrorism.

The media wants us to believe that all peoples are the same. We're not. And in the end, championing meritocracy, not false equivalencies, will much more likely maximize quality of life for as many of the world's people as possible.

I invite you to watch this You Tube video. It reveals a side of Israel that the media won't show you. (Side benefit: Its music is so uplifting, it's a guaranteed anti-depressant, with no side effects.)

1 comment:

Lynn said...

This is a must see updated You Tube presentation of all the accomplishments and acts of global kindness that this tiny country offers all people.


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