Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Fun and Helpful Exercise: List What You're Grateful For

To get you started, here's what I'm grateful for (In no order--I'm just writing these as they come to me. You feel free to do the same.)
My sweet dog, Einstein
This blog
That I got my taxes done. (PLEASE create a tax return we can complete in 15 minutes.)
The privilege of being in my 19th year hosting a radio show in a major city.
The privilege to have written many articles, including cover stories, for U.S. News & World Report.
Movies on DVD
Easy-to-make clam sauce
That I can still run (well, jog) 3 miles
Music CDs
Plays that make me laugh and especially cry.
The art on my walls, even though most are just prints.
My co-coach and intellectual of great integrity, Michael Edelstein
Bougainvillea James Walker
Quaker oatmeal to which I add Trader Joe's walnut pieces and maple syrup
That I can play the piano well, without effort
My wife's acting ability, her having been selected her region's School Superintendent of the Year, her equanimity, and looks.
My quiet bedroom
That I can browse shopping malls, which I consider museums where you can buy all the stuff--yet don't have to buy a thing.
Chrysanthemum Fruiticosum, Snowland
Cell Phones
My Uggs slippers
When I can restrain myself from consuming too many calories (too rarely.)

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Anonymous said...

I've actually done this before, and it is indeed fun. A while back, I decided to list 100 things that I loved and was grateful for. I can't remember what I wrote down, but I do remember thinking that I had more going on than I previously thought.

Here's three of the things I'm grateful for now:

*my job. I've had my current job since August, and it's far better in many ways than my last one. The saying "you don't know what you got until it's gone" is usually applied to the end of good things, but it's equally applicable to the end of bad things, like a bad job.

*no debt. By the end of this month, I'll be debt-free. I'm doing a little dance just thinking about it.

*my friends. I only have a handful of them. The ones I have are great people, and I'm always thankful to know them all. How lucky I am that they would choose me to be a part of their lives in some way.

I hope this post gets many responses. I'm curious to know what others appreciate in their lives.


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