Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is the Internet Sinking Itself? A Career Opportunity for Techies

Over the past year, I've noticed it takes ever longer for web pages to load, especially if they have graphics such as ads on them. I find myself occasionally giving up on a site and going elsewhere.

I'm guessing that with ever more sites containing graphics and videos, and ever more people downloading and uploading big graphic/video-filled files, surfing will slow further.

Unless breakthroughs in Internet infrastructure occur--such as wider, faster pipes--is it possible that people will start to use the Net less?

With billions of dollars of ad revenues at stake, I'll bet that, even if we're in recession, solving that problem will be among the most high-priority and lucrative. So, techies, consider focusing your efforts there.


Anonymous said...

My humble guess is that Internet usage will only decrease at this point if there is some other system to replace it. I don't know a single person that isn't dependent on it in some way. I'd be more worried about the average person that uses the Web for so much than a company that sells ad space.

My computer is slower, too. In my case, I suspect that's because my computer is old and connection is probably not the best out there. But in general, it's true that in the age of bigger-better-faster-more, flashy and colorful sites, videos and ads do not help those even with state-of-the-art equipment.

By the way, I use a browser with an ad-blocking program. I'm guessing that since I began using it about a year ago, I've seen probably about 95% fewer ads online that I did before.

But ad agencies will always come up with a new, more effective, more annoying way to get our attention about a product. If the web cools down, they will score somewhere else.

Anonymous said...


You're a prophet. Check out this article.

2010: D-day for the Internet as it hits "full capacity"?

Terese said...

They're already ahead of you on this one, The Grid,2933,347212,00.html


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