Tuesday, April 8, 2008

White Males Need Not Apply

I've just come across a particularly vivid example of the countless signs to white males that, in the 21st century, they are as excluded as minorities and women were in previous generations. It is the New York Times' -just acquired aftercollege.com. This site helps employers find college-educated employees. On its home page and its two other tabbed pages, there are 10 photos of the target employee. Not one white male.


Anonymous said...

How will the most prominent and powerful corporations of the future look and function? Will the people in charge be the most qualified, or will they only be politically correct CEOs?

I hope that competency in the most influential positions will still be filled by the best people for the jobs, no matter their race and gender, and will not become meaningless solely for the sake of diversity. If it is true that the white males of today "need not apply," and truly qualified women or minorities do not replace them, what will happen to the rest of us in the future?

joe said...

Yes, us white males have become second class citizens. You don't even suppose to complain about it- unless you want to be laughed at. Not sure where all this will go but I suppose I should be thankful I'm 52 now.

Next white male generation- you really have to have it together and over achieve if you want to stay competitive.

Anonymous said...

As a white male construction worker/tradesman i was hoping to get back into my job and trade as a result of the infrastructure stimulus package.I trusted Obama.I feel like a fool.I admit it.I was angry at the republicans and I never suspected in a million years that this "no white construction workers" is what the policy would be.But here it is.Reich let the cat out of the bag in the hearing and Rangel agreed.Why does it have to be me that can't get bailed out?The poor sap white guy who learned a trade and showed up every day,worked hard,was honest..I took a chance and believed in "the dream" of MLK.But Obama is not MLK and this shows that quite clearly.So what's next?This gives the white supremacist racists fuel for thier fires and now i'm supposed to say they are wrong?They warned about this.I guess i should have listened.They said over and over how whites would be betrayed and i just refused to believe it.I need my job back..


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