Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Did You Ever Wish You Found a True Kindred Spirit?

I pretty much have everything one could ask for in life. Yet, I continue to search for something more. My latest thought is to try to find a true kindred spirit, someone who is nearly alike me.

When people tell me about an amazingly close friendship, it's usually between people who are almost alike, who could almost be twins. Perhaps that's what I want.

So, if after reading my blog posts and my profile, you feel you might be a true kindred spirit, feel free to email me at


Anonymous said...

I have wished for that, too.

I've found that I'm very different from most people I know, even my friends and family. Because of that, I believe, I'm unable to get too close to others.

I also haven't judged or anticipated very well. When I have tried to get closer to others, the other person, in my experience, has not wanted the same from me. They already had their kindred spirits or their best friends or the loves of their lives. They had the people they needed. They didn't need me. It's made me feel somewhat unnecessary.

I've read several stories about people who did find kindred spirits. They seem very satisfied. I don't know such people in real life, however. The people I know seem satisfied with their friends, families, and marriages as they are. They're not perfect, but they are satisfied and happy with the imperfections.

Maybe there isn't the perfect person for everybody out there. But sometimes, I'd like to think that there is.

Mr. Nemko, if you find that person, I hope they'll be everything you hope for and more.

Anonymous said...


What about your lovely wife Barbara? She sounds great on the radio. Ok, she can be my kindred spirit.

Marty Nemko said...


Barb is great, but even a fine wife is not necessarily one's alterego, one's true kindred spirit.

sbaggyblurb said...

Very likely your kindred spirit is some one like you.

But in my experience, they also have to be on the same wavelength... it can't be forced... it is possible to re-tune yourself, but the Chinese say it is easier to move a mountain.

When you meet a Kindred Spirit, yo will know very soon that they are such. Just as you know very quickly the people you don't like, for no apparent reason.

Trust your Heart !

Also, you may want to read my post on Friendship


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